Christmas and Network Emulators

Even though Christmas was a few weeks ago, putting on my Christmas gift shirt has kick started me to compare Christmas and Network Emulators.

Fighting the crowds while shopping is like traffic being throttled at routers.

Paying for presents (dollar loss) is just like packet loss.

The grinch is the ultimate impairment.

Taking turns while unwrapping presents is just like round robin queuing.

Watching a child’s face light up when receiving a present is an application’s success.

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Football and Network Emulation

The following is a comparison between football and network emulation.

Just as the crowd is squeezed through a few stadium entrances, packets are restricted to the link bandwidth.

Waiting in line at the concession stand is like packets sitting in queues waiting to get processed.

Defense is the ultimate impairment since their goal is to stop the offense (application). A sack is like packet loss and even forward achieving running and passing plays act like delay and jitter.

A touchdown is when the application completes its task.

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Thanksgiving and Network Emulators

Let’s compare Thanksgiving activities to network emulators.

The busiest air travel is during this time which creates delays and air plane queues.

Large turkey dinners slow down everyone.

Family come from everywhere to be together at one location. Server – Clients applications have all of the clients connected back to the server.

Usually people don’t have enough space at the big table for everyone. Or stated otherwise, people get dropped from the big table.

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Son in College and Network Emulators

My oldest son is a college freshman this Fall and the following is the connection between college and network emulators.
Living away from home for the first time, my son has to overcome homesickness while applications must overcome impairments during network emulation testing.
There is a tougher workload in college which means longer hours studying. Whereas increased traffic translates into longer buffer times and delays.
One advantage of college is more freedom on a daily basis. Similarly packets may take different routes through the network when there is more than one path between two points.
The need to do laundry every week never goes away just like testing. Testing is always needed to ensure new code or features don’t affect past code or performance.

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Summer High School Baseball and Network Emulators

After spending the past eight weeks watching Summer High School Baseball, I thought it would be a good time to compare it to network emulators.

The weather is hot, sticky, and sunny – the impairments to a cool, relaxed environment.
Weekends involve doubleheaders – six hours of baseball is equivalent to overnight testing.
Hamburgers and hot dogs are staples of the concession stand – delay, jitter, and loss are the core impairments.
The Pitcher and fielders are the impairments to the hitter.

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July 4 and Network Emulators

With tomorrow being July 4th, it made me think about the comparisons between the July 4th holiday and network emulators.

Nathans has a hot dog eating contest on July 4th and each contestant has a certain capacity just like certain data links haveĀ  a upper limit which we emulate with the throttle impairment.

One common event is to have family over for a barbeque on July 4th. Insects and other creatures can cause us to throw out some food just like network equipment will cause packet loss at times.

Watching fireworks and noticing the random delays between each firework rocket ignition and explosion is similar to the randomness of packet jitter.

Lastly, July 4th marks America’s ability to overcome England and gain independence. On a much smaller scale, an application overcomes wan impairments by successfully passing network emulation tests.


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College World Series and Network Emulators

Tying my activities to network emulators keeps me entertained.

This past weekend I enjoyed the College World Series with my two sons.

Here’s my comparison list:

Flight Delay = Packet Delay

Rain causes postponed game = Burst Loss or link failure

People in & out of Hotel Rooms = Random Jitter

People in Stadium = Packets in a Cloud


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