July 4 and Network Emulators

With tomorrow being July 4th, it made me think about the comparisons between the July 4th holiday and network emulators.

Nathans has a hot dog eating contest on July 4th and each contestant has a certain capacity just like certain data links have  a upper limit which we emulate with the throttle impairment.

One common event is to have family over for a barbeque on July 4th. Insects and other creatures can cause us to throw out some food just like network equipment will cause packet loss at times.

Watching fireworks and noticing the random delays between each firework rocket ignition and explosion is similar to the randomness of packet jitter.

Lastly, July 4th marks America’s ability to overcome England and gain independence. On a much smaller scale, an application overcomes wan impairments by successfully passing network emulation tests.


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