College Registration and Network Emulators

I spent the weekend at Ole Miss as my oldest son registered for classes in the Fall. During the weekend my mind wandered comparing the registration process to network emulators.

Standing in the Southwest Airlines boarding line = Network Queues.

Hundreds of parents going through one door = Throttle impairment.

Partying too much in the Oxford Square = Packet Loss Impairment

Not getting every desired class = Reorder impairment

Friendly College Staff = Great Technical Support




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Hockey and Network Emulators

While watching the Stanley Cup playoffs last night, I was constantly reminded of network emulators.
Turn overs in the defensive zone = impairments
Good forward checking = testing applications early in dev cycle
Hard hits = packet loss and latency
Great saves = fixing issues by recreating network impairments
Winning the game = successful product launch

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